Airports of Uzbekistan


       There are currently 11 airports in Uzbekistan that are operated by Uzbekistan Airways National Air Company. Six of them: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Urgench, Termez and Navoi airports are international.
       Tashkent International Airport, the country’s main gateway, unquestionably takes the lead among other airports in Uzbekistan. Modern airliners of Uzbekistan Airways leave the airport for European, Asian and American countries as well as many CIS cities.
       Tashkent International Airport completely meets international standards and the ICAO requirements and receives all the types of aircraft. Following a complete overhaul the passenger terminal for international flights provides a maximum level of convenience and services for passengers. It can serve up to one thousand passengers per hour and services over twenty million passengers annually.
       The air terminal complex also includes a separate terminal for transit passengers and all the required services.
       At Tashkent International Airport we offer:
       -   Spacious and comfortable lounges;
       -   Customs and passport control (twenty-four hour);
       -   The Inquiries service;
       -   Convenient and fast reception of luggage;
       -   International phone communication;
       -   Booking offices;
       -   Duty free shops;
       -   Restaurants and bars;
       -   Currency exchange office;
       -   VIP hall;
       -   CIP hall.
       On the third floor there are foreign airlines offices including the British Airways, the Asian Airways, the Aeroflot and others conveniently located for customers. Well thought-over layout solutions are reflected in the spacious and well illuminated departure galleries from where the passengers board the planes through telescopic boarding ramps.
       The local terminal is also supplied with modern equipment. You can get to the ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, and other regions of the republic from the terminal. At present the country’s main airport services the aircraft of over thirty foreign airlines. Scores of them are refueled here every day.
       Tel.:    (998-71) 140 – 28 – 88 
                                 140 – 29 – 29 
                                 140 – 28 – 21            
                                 140 – 28 – 17 
Airport “Tashkent” phones for information:
                                 140 – 28 – 01
                                 140 – 28 – 02
                                 140 – 28 – 03
                                 140 – 28 – 04



     Andijan Province is situated in the western part of Ferghana Valley and occupies more than four thousand sq km. The population is over two million people. Different branches of national economy are well developed here.169 large-scale industrial and 281agricultural enterprises operate in the Province.

      Andijan Airport of Uzbekistan Airways can serve up to three hundred passengers per hour and receives all the types of aircraft. 

     The airport is connected to Tashkent, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and services charter flights and cargo transportations:
-     Waiting lounges;
-     Lounge for transfer passengers;
-     VIP hall;
-     Baby care room;
-     Medical care;
-     Currency exchange office;
-     Bar;
-     Security checkpoints.

You can get to the city by the means of public transportation or taxi.


Tel.: (+99874) 224-2744

Fax: (+99874) 224-1557, 224-4864


(+99874) 224-5281 (or  8-374-224-5281)


Even those who have no notion of the existence of Uzbekistan do somehow recall the mythical name «Samarkand». It is the most popular tourist center not only in Uzbekistan, but thought Central Asia. It takes only 45 minutes to reach this unique city from Tashkent International Airport on board a comfortable liner RJ-85. Samarkand International Airport becomes one of the major stopovers for freighters.
After a complete reconstruction the airport meets the standard of the ICAO first category and receives all the types of aircraft.  Samarkand region is one of the largest in Uzbekistan with a great economic potential. The last year investments volume into the region totaled to over twenty million dollars and that means, that the airport is of a great importance in economic development and tourism. For international passengers a new terminal has been built.  It appropriates to the highest world standards. The throughput of the terminal is four hundred passengers per hour. In  2004 it served thirty-five thousand passengers. The airport is connected to Tashkent, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Simferopol, Kazan and services charter flights from European countries and Japan.
At Samarkand International Airport we offer:
-    VIP hall;
-    CIP hall;
-    Special facilities for mothers with children;
-    Aid station;
-    Booking offices;
-    International phone communications;
-    Bars and restaurant;
-    Currency exchange office.
Samarkand International Airport became a winner in the contest “Best Airport of CIS Countries-2004″ in the category which includes CIS airports with passenger traffic to one hundred thousand people.
The airport is situated within eleven kilometers of the city center. Buses, vans and taxis are available from the airport to and around town. There are ample choices for your accommodation, from luxury chain hotels to tiny family B&Bs and be sure – the people of Samarkand are champion hosts!
Tel./fax:   (+99866) 230-86-99
CALL-centre:   (+99866) 230-86-41




     The Noble Bukhara, one of the most ancient Uzbek cities, is the global tourist center of      Central Asia.
     In 1999 the Bukhara airport has obtained the international status. New passenger terminal can serve up to 150 passengers per hour and serves more than ninety thousand passengers annually. The terminal provides all reacquired services which meet all international standards.
     At Bukhara International Airport you may expect to receive one of the most comfortable conditions: modern equipped lounges, aid station, baggage room, international phone communication, currency exchange office and booking offices.  Prior to your departure, you may use numerous services offered at our airport: do some shopping, have a cup of coffee at a café and have a brief rest at a cozy waiting hall. The halls for international delegations, along with their modern architecture, retain some Oriental elements.
     You can get the historical center of the city by bus or by route taxi.
     Bukhara airport receives all the types of aircraft and offers schedule flights to Tashkent, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Cargo and charter flights are operated to any destination.
     As a result of activity in 2008 Airport International Association awarded Bukhara airport as the Best one among the airports of the CIS countries. In 2009 Bukhara airport was awarded as the Most dynamic airport.
     In 2010 Bukhara International Airport received the international certificate of quality ISO 9001:2008.
     In spring 2011 the airport presents new cargo terminal and passenger terminal with the capacity 400 passengers per hour.
Tel.: (99865)  255-09-09;  255-10-66
Information CALL-Center: 225-61-21


     Urgench International Airport is situated in ten kilometers from Khiva, the world-famous monument of Oriental architecture. As a result of a modernization project it conforms to the first category of ICAO. The throughput of a new terminal is four hundred passengers per hour. The airport provides the customers with all the required services.
     In spacious and comfortable lounges there is everything necessary to rest and spend the time in expectation of your flight. The cozy bars have a rich assortment of soft drinks, coffee and snacks. There is a shop with Uzbek souvenirs, so if you have failed to buy presents for your friends you can do it at the airport.
     Urgench International Airport receives the following types of aircraft: A310, Boeing-767, 757, 747, RJ-85, TU-154, IL-76, 96 and provides daily service to Tashkent. The scheduled flights to Moscow, Mineralnie Vodi and charter flights are operated.
You can get to the city by the means of public transportation or taxi.


Tel.:    (998-62) 226-42-66; 226-57-36
CALL-centre: (998-62) 226-24-25




The ancient city of Termez is almost in the very centre of the Surkhandarya province which preserves in its depths the unique treasures of the great ancient civilization.
     Termez International Airport is the southern air gate of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It receives all the types of aircraft and helicopters and can serve up to one hundred passengers per hour. The airport operates schedule flights to Tashkent, Moscow  and charter flights to European and Asian countries.
In Termez International Airport we offer:
-     Waiting lounge;
-     Babe care;
-     Medical care;
-     Restaurant;
-     Buffet;
-     Currency exchange office;
-     Shops;
-     Telephone.
     At present it is undergoing a large-scale renovation, and the entire project is expected to be completed in the nearest future.
You can get the center of the city from the airport on a route taxi.


Tel.: 8 (376) 229-31-84

                          CALL-centre: 8 (376) 229-31-54



     Namangan region is situated in the territory of Ferghana Valley with a population of near two million people. This is the region of large-scale industrial enterprises where the aviation infrastructure is well developed.
     Namangan Airport is an alternate one for the airliners of Uzbekistan Airways and the CIS airliners. It also can be used for the technical stops. The airport can provide all of the required services and receives the following types of aircraft: Boeings-757/767, A-310, IL-62, IL-76TD, TU-154, RJ-85. The throughput of the air terminal is two hundred passengers per hour. At present time the scheduled flights to Tashkent, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg are operated.  Namangan Airport serves Gromov Air and Ural Airlines airliners. In 2004 it served eleven thousands fore hundred passengers. And in six months of 2005 the number of clients increased to eleven thousands and seven hundred.
     In order to provide the passengers with maximum convenience the airport started the reconstruction of the air terminal.
The center of Namangan city is situated in 12km from the airport and you can get it on a route taxi.
Tel.: + (99869) 226-20-84, 232-38-16
CALL-centre: + (99869) 232-28-90



     Nukus Airport is the airport of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.
     The airport operates more than twenty passenger flights to the cities of Uzbekistan and CIS daily and is able to service to 200 passengers per hour. The airport receives all types of aircraft operated by Uzbekistan Airways: Boeing-757/767, Airbus-310/320, RJ-85, IL-114 and IL-76.
     New air terminal presented in 2004 offers the services of booking offices and business hall. All the equipment required for the air safety of the airport meets the standards of ICAO. The passenger terminal is equipped with visual and audio information systems and SDCS. The aviation security services are equipped with Linescan and Heiman viewing hardware and sensors.
     On January 14, 2011, Nukus airport was awarded with the certificate of quality ver.ISO – 9001: 2008.
     The reconstruction program of the airport continues. It provides the building of the additional air terminal, a hotel complex and motor transport renovation. These innovations will provide Nukus airport with international status.
Tel.: (99861) 222-85-35 ; 780-02-09; 780-02-14
Information CALL-center: 780-02-15



     Navoi airport was built in 1962 in the middle of the desert. Today its territory changed into the blossoming Oasis.
     The airport serves the following types of aircraft: AN-24, YAK-40, IL-114 and RJ-85. In 2004 the modernization program of the airdrome has began. The results will provide the airport to receive all the types of aircraft.
The air terminal complex includes all the required services.
At Navoi Airport we offer:
-     VIP hall;
-     CIP hall;
-     Babe care;
-     Medical care;
-     Rent a car;
-     Buffet;
-     Post office.

CALL-centre: +998(79) 53-93-523

+998(79) 53-93-862



     The airport was established in 1938. Today Ferghana airport services the following types of aircraft:  Boeing-757/767, Аirbus-310/320, Rj-85, IL-114, IL-76, cargo AN-124 (Ruslan), AN-12 and other aircraft of 1–4 type. The capacity of the air terminal is 400 passengers per hour.
     The airport operates regular flights to Tashkent, Samarkand, Nukus, Moscow, Kazan and other cities according to the commercial demand. The passengers of Ferghana airport are provided with a full range of services include booking offices, cafes, currency exchange office, post-office and souvenir shops. There is a separate terminal for VIPs.
     Today Fergana airport successfully cooperates with Russian airlines Moskovia, S7, Russia and Yakutiya which operate Boeing-767, TU-154, A319/320 and others.
     In 2009 the airport started the reconstruction program of air terminal and modernization and re-equipment of technical facilities.
     The airport is situated in the city. It will take you 10-15 minutes to reach the city center on bus or rote taxi. 
Tel.: (99873) 226-54-61; 226-05-94
Information CALL-center: (99873) 226-29-95; 224-23-75